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about Pakistan private detective

We help you to check background informations

We are team of highly skilled detectives, we are going to make sure that you’re continuously in possession of the facts. we have a tendency to able to offer you with a comprehensive vary of services versatile enough to fit your own personal needs and budget, regardless of the case and where it’s going to be.

Best Detective in Pakistans since 2002.

what we offer

Honest Detective Services

With a mission to provide reliable and accurate information to the corporate & personal sector, Pakistan Private Detective established for you in 2002, a dedicated Best Private Detective company in Pakistan for the past few years and has now grown into a most renowned internationally known outfit with global network. Pakistan Private Detective is equipped with the latest state of art sources and information equipment to compliment our team of private company for detectives.

private detective in karachi

Private Detective Pakistan

Pakistan No. 1 Private Detective company to serve you with facts privacy and confidentiality. 

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Matrimonial Investigation pakistan

Matrimonial Investigation Pakistan

Investigation of the person with whom you are about to live your whole life is quite significant.

Pre Employment Verification

Pre Employment Verification

A bad employee can drive your clients to your competitors and destroy you all life’s efforts.

Spouse Cheating in Pakistan

Check the loyalty test of your love one its your right to check it at any cost for your future problems that also we solve.

Asset Verification pakistan

Asset Verification Pakistan

Provides you comprehensive individual and corporate asset searches. An individual asset.

Missing Persons Pakistan

Missing Person Pakistan

Finding a Missing Person: In a perfect world, law enforcement should identify a missing child or spouse.

investigation in karachi
our benefits

Few Reasons Why You
Should Choose Us

We seamlessly large amount of sources for true information and it can not be wrong and can not be fake we give 100% privacy its also for our 100% reputation.

Our Purpose

“Is to provide our clients with accurate answers to their questions in a professional,
confidential, and cost effective manner.”

Our Policy

“Is to secure our future through the development of long-term professional relationships
based on a philosophy of earned trust and mutual respect..”

Our Promise

“Is to sustain a consistently high level of knowledge, skill and attitude in the fulfillment of every assignment. .”

our strategy

Reliable & Proven Private Detective Company

Pakistan Private Detective Services is reputed to be the top private detective company in Lahore Karachi Islamabad, and numerous other cities across Pakistan. We are also known as well-known Private Detective Company in Islamabad. We have been providing comprehensive private detective services to both individuals and corporate clients for over 18 years. Through a widespread network of highly-experienced and carefully-screened private detectives, our investigation network spans in Pakistan and dedicated to overseas Pakistanis.

We are Pakistan’s premier Private Detective company, provides detectives services for legal profession, commerce, industry & general public in all areas of civil, criminal & personal matters. Give us a call to detect a Cheating employee, Spouse, or for the getting Divorce, Teenager Check and Loyalty Check from Professional Investigator with 100% guaranteed Confidentiality.

Our reputation is built on our proven detectives skills and our integrity. Can you trust anyone other than the best private detectives company to handle something extremely personal or confidential? Whether it is something as innocuous as a pre-matrimonial investigation or something extremely sensitive as an adultery investigation or a cheating employee or business partner, trust our detectives to do the most thorough, diligent and professional job.

Pakistan Private Detective,

Strategy experience and analytical expertise combine to enable.

Spouse affairs Pakistan

If you have doubt do not blame check for proof.

Post Marriage Check

When you feel after marriage something wrong call us.


Spouse Cheating Pakistan

Always loyal to love one. But regular check on cheating. 

Pre marriage Check

Before the marriage its hard to check but we can.

Blackmailing and Scammed

Some one blackmailing you and making scam contact us

Pakistan Private Detective Is Professional Leading Background Screening Enterprise Providing.

  • Employment Screening Services
  • Risk Management Services
  • Talent Management Services
  • Address History Services
  • Reference Check Services
  • Public Record Search Services
  • Business Due Diligence Services
  • Education History Check Services
  • Even to Have Information About Chosen Partner Before Marriage.
  • Missing Persons in Pakistan
  • Missing Addresses in Pakistan
  • Spouse Cheating in Pakistan
  • Love affairs in Pakistan
  • Husband cheating in Pakistan
  • Wife cheating in Pakistan
  • Girl Friend cheating Pakistan
  • Boy Friend cheating Pakistan
  • Blackmailing in Pakistan

Very Important Decision To Have Information In Hand Before To Making Life Time Decision.

Serving The Humanity And Initiating New Projects In Pakistan Where An Ordinary Person Can Have Less Approach.

With a mission to provide reliable and accurate information to the corporate sector, Pakistan Private Detective. was established by Ex Armed person RANA SHERAZ in 2002, a dedicated professional detective for the past few years and has now grown into a most renowned internationally known outfit with global network.

Years of








Progress in Case Solving

Finding Love affairs
Pre Matrimonial check
Pre Matrimonial check
Missing person check
Finding hidden person
our vision

Culture & Values

We have close, open relationships with our clients that generate trust and we work in partnership for the mutual benefit.
We develop and demonstrate our expertise through our innovative and leading-edge approach to create and deliver the right solution.

We challenge ourselves to improve performance year-on-year and to create long-term sustainability.

We always take care to employ the best people, develop their competence, provide opportunities and inspire them to live our values.

We can always be trusted to do the right thing.
We collaborate for the benefit of we as an organization and all our associates.


What People Say

They have done great work for us we must say go and try. thank you

Muqeet Ahmed

client of company

Very satisfying services given by them specially they do care about the privacy of client and do all their possible resources to satisfy the needs of case .

Sadaf S

Overseas Pakistani

although the view of detective agencies are not very familiar in Pakistan but they proved their selves with professional touch in their work . keep the good work up in future . may Allah the Almighty bless u guyz always ameenSee

Tahira J

Overseas Pakistani

I am pleased to recommend Pakistan Private Detective to anyone who might benefit from their services.

Nazim A

Client of company

Well I am very happy and satisfied with Pakistan Private Detective and have a good faith on them. They are always good cooperative and work with honesty. Thanks

Najma R

Client of company

Well Sofia here I am lawyer in UK I found these guys from Facebook and really great work done by them. On time low cost privacy is great I already refer many our friends and family .

Sofia A

UK Lawyer

As for as I used their services since 2015 I am fully satisfied I am lawyer in UK and most Pakistanis here want to know reality from Pakistan and these guys are best and Trust full. Keep going

Shahbana S

UK Lawyer

“I just got lucky to find you guys. I didn’t know the difference between one investigation and another. But these guy make my life more peace full Now I can come freely in Pakistan. Thanks again.

Nargas H

House wife


Private Detective Pakistan doesn’t take any work which is against the National Interest of Pakistan.

Private Detective Pakistan is made by the people and for people for people to share information through a confidential platform for the betterment and crime free society.

Conducting businesses, knowing a person / partner before marriage, hiring a employee and verifying the reference letters are very important as they build strong relations if started on a very transparent climate. It has been noted that fake businesses and many matrimonial services in digital and print media are not developing the climate of trust. So Private Detective Pakistan found a vacuum to give service to public on a very nominal charges which a poor citizen can not afford.

ہم قانون کے دائرے میں رہتے ہوئے لوگوں کی مدد کرتے ہیں خاص کر ان پاکستانیوں کی جو ملک سے باہر ہیں ہم خود حب الوطنی پر یقین رکھتے ہیں ہمارا ملک پاکستان ہی ہمارے لیے سب کچھ ہے اس لیے ہم قانون کا احترام کرتے ہیں اور کوئی بھی غیر قانونی کام نہیں کر سکتے شکریہ۔

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